CWC Partners Group

We make every qualified accountant works.

Welcome to CWC Partners Group

CWC Partners Group was founded by Clement and Dean, two CAs with diverse experiences.

As chairman of the group, Clement is highly experienced in the fields of tax, audit, and corporate advisory. Clement’s clients range across small, medium, and large corporates and high net-worth individuals. 

Dean has over 12 years of local experience in accounting and senior finance roles in the commercial area. His specialisation is in both profit and not-for-profit organisations, and international financial reporting. His client base covers big local building developers through to small property investors.

Our Client Values

CWC Partners Group does not use a traditional way to run the practice. We understand that time is money, and we also understand that not every business is the same. We customise our service to meet your needs – not just with numbers but with ideas for developing your business. We want you to incur costs directly on our expertise without wasting money on a fancy office or our employee benefits. Because of the technological age, we can provide our services 100% remotely and, as a result, our contactless methods mean lower fees and more efficiency.

We select our qualified accountants from diverse industries. Yes, they still are called accountants, but they are not just accountants. They are your best buddies who will help you when you need to sort out financial problems. They are not bean counters either. They are open to listening, then bringing results that are best to meet your needs.

Free Consultation

We would love to have a confidential chat with you about your business or financial situation face-to-face. CWC Partners Group believes all our new clients deserve the right to a free initial consultation to gauge how our services might be tailored to their needs.

If you’d like to take advantage of a personal discussion, We encourage you to call either Clement on +64 27 431 0838 or Dean on +64 21 203 0203 or email Clement directly at or Dean at to arrange a meeting.