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Keeping Your Customer’s Trust – Confidentiality, Privacy & Data Security

Keeping Your Customers Trust – Confidentiality Privacy Data Security
Keeping Your Customers Trust – Confidentiality Privacy Data Security
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The trust that your customers place with your business often revolves around the personal information that they have shared with you. Contact details, payment information, even their demographical data are stored within your databases.

That’s why it’s critical that your business maintains confidentiality and the trust that has been established with how you use their information. Businesses, therefore, need to take the relevant precautions to ensure that the privacy and personal information of their customers are not compromised.

This may involve:

  • Encrypting the information you receive from customers: There are programs available that encrypt the information that your customers may send to you over the internet (such as payment details). These scramble the data so that it is indecipherable to anyone trying to read the information.
  • Create employee log-ins: Create log-ins for each employee for company computers. Screening each employee before they are given access to a log-in for any of the databases is a necessary preventative measure. Creating passwords for protected files that only the relevant employees have access to will add another layer of security.
  • Keep your sensitive files in a different location: Avoid keeping particularly sensitive files on the same network as all other files. These files should instead be kept on a separate computer and limited employees should have access to it, if not any.
  • Separate groups of customers: Separating databases will prevent the loss of all customer data if there is a breach of security.
  • Confidentiality agreements for employees: If the information you store is particularly sensitive or high profile, ask employees to sign confidentiality agreements. This increases their accountability as they run the risk of a lawsuit if they give out confidential information.

If your customers feel that their confidential information or trust has been breached, they may be less likely to purchase from you. Maintaining their trust is one of the most critical aspects of business, and a failure to do so may significantly impact your business’s reputation among prospective clientele.

It may be advisable to employ a professional consultant if there are security concerns for the personal and private information of customers who may be able to assist you in securing it.

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